"Thank you! Z was really blessed and her father being there for her spoke to her heart. He wasn't going to be there because of work but she voiced how much it would mean to her if he went. God is good! Thank you so much for blessing our family!"


"A young man gave his life to Christ!"


"I got to pray for two homosexuals... Thank you for shifting the atmosphere!"


"I'm so thankful to the Lord for bringing us together, and to your leadership for having carried us along to this point. I think everyone felt blessed (the dancers, volunteers, the audience) and we could feel the peace of God surrounding our event!"


"Russ and I prayed for this homeless guy named Earl. He had extreme back issues. We took authority over the pain, and he got immediate relief, for which he was very thankful! But he told us that when he sits down the pain is extreme. We schooled him to declare healing, and that when he would sit down the pain would not be there. So we left him for a while And then, about a half hour later we spotted him sitting on a bus bench across the street. Russ called out to him from about a hundred feet away. "Hey Earl, how's the pain!?" And he shouted back to us with great exuberance "No pain!"

Pastor Terry

"Being apart of this Revival Dance Ministry has become the highlight of my five years here in L.A."